Weiming Education Group Schools offer three types of curriculum: 1.Traditional Chinese National Standards (CNS) (in all WEG schools) with some English instruction taught by native English speaking teachers. 2.CNS Bilingual Curriculum: This approach takes a balance of CNS & American or western teaching philosophy, classroom set up and curriculum. (Grades 1-9 in select WEG schools). 3.International High School Program: United States Curriculum based on the National Common Core State Standards (CCSS) along with a smaller CNS-Chinese High School National Standards along with elective courses. (Grades 9-12 in select WEG schools)



Weiming Education Group Schools offer three types study

Chinese National Standards (CN

All Weiming Education Group schools will teach the traditional required Chinese National Standards

CNS Bilingual Program

CNS Bilingual Curriculum: Select Weiming Education Group schools follow an integrated curriculum of approximately 50% Traditional Chinese National Standards based curriculum and 50% U.S. National Common Core State Standards in grades 1-9. This is a collaborative effort between the traditional Chinese teaching model and an “american-ized” or wester