The Weiming Education Group has undergone a development journey of nearly 20 years. It started from one school and developed into a group of over 40 schools. It started with an affiliation of a well-known school and developed and established its own brand. It started from carrying forward the tradition and drawing from the experience of others and developed into exploration and innovation. The Weiming Education feels proud of its past and is more confident in the future. The future of the Weiming Group is also the future of not only China’s private education, but 21st century education worldwide!



Weiming Education Group has a strong history of innovative development.

Weiming Story

Founded in 1999, Weiming Education Group is the largest and leading provider of private schools in China with over 40,000 students in 42 campuses with origins and affiliation tracing back to the world-renowned Peking University.

Weiming Vision

Weiming Education Group seeks to be the leading provider of international education focused on equipping students with global perspectives and competency for the 21st century giving them a competitive edge in the emerging global marketplace.

Weiming U.S. Teams

After nearly 15 years of building a reputation as China’s leading provider of private education, Weiming Education Group launched its US international program in 2012. With offices in Michigan and Connecticut, Weiming U.S. is focused on providing quality education with a focus on equipping students

The Guiyang Weiming Experiment

It is a brand new diversified and open international school that integrates Chinese and western advantages!

Kevin Lin speech

The Weiming Education, since the date it was founded, has been constantly exploring education practices in a bid to provide high quality, internationalized and diversified