January 09 2014




We are so pleased that you are interested in the Weiming International Education Program. Whether you are Chinese, living in China and choosing a first or new school for your child, relocating from another country or the parent of a student interested in studying abroad for a semester or year, we recognize the importance of finding the right educational setting for your family. The school you choose may be the single most important factor in your China experience, and we are here to help. We have 7 international schools on 9 campuses in central and southern China, each which offer a unique, child centered focus on excellence in education.
Weiming U.S. seeks to develop students who are intellectually curious, have global awareness and appreciation and are equipped with 21st century skills and English proficiency. We are committed to attracting a diverse student population representing a range of nationalities, economic backgrounds, academic pursuits and abilities and extra-curricular interests. 
Our admission team looks for students whose work and attitudes reflect world citizenship, striving to be knowledgeable about the world around us and embrace other cultures while being proud of one’s unique Chinese background and traditions. Weiming students strive for excellence, are perseverant and remain focused on goals. They are committed to the highest level of academic, social, and personal achievement. Our students are problem solvers who seek creative solutions to challenges. They approach each new experience with enthusiasm and view it as a learning opportunity. Weiming students strive to show self-discipline and maturity at all times, recognizing we are responsible for our actions and their consequences. We pride ourselves on attracting students with integrity and high moral principles who accept feedback and continually strive to improve with a focus on successful admission to and graduation from college.


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