January 09 2014

The Guiyang Weiming Experimental School

In 2011, the Group established the Guiyang Weiming Experimental School.


It is a brand new diversified and open international school that integrates Chinese and western advantages!


Leveraging the advantages of school operation under a group enterprise, the School fully implements national local courses and meanwhile cooperates with Nacel International School System to provide comprehensive internationalized and diversified courses. It establishes its education features of “pursuing excellence and quality, respecting personality, and integrating Chinese and western advantages”. It aims to educate and develop the students into “modern elites with a soul of the Chinese tradition and an internationalized vision”.


Xu Yanghua, the president of the school, is one of the 100 National Outstanding School Presidents, the president of one of the schools granted with the opportunity to make president personal recommendation in the independent recruitment of the Peking University, the former president of the Henan branch of the Affiliated High School of the Peking University, master of the Peking University, and graduate of the doctoral course program of the Beijing Normal University.



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