January 06 2014

The Guangzhou Experimental School of the Affiliated High School of the Peking University

In 2002, the Group established the Guangzhou Experimental School of the Affiliated High School of the Peking University.


Modern quality education guided by the management idea of “to create the education suitable to the student’s development”


It is the largest school under the Group by the number of students on campus. The school’s culture is “to make excellence a habit and turn miracle into reality”. A number of its students were admitted to Peking University, the University of Wisconsin and other world-renowned universities, and its remarkable achievements in school management have won a great deal of praise and recognition. It is the most influential private elementary and secondary school in the Guangdong Province, the Gold Prize Health Promotion School in the Guangdong Province, a School-Based Training Demonstration School in the Guangdong Province, National Moral Education Demonstration Base, National Demonstration School of Junior High Education Reform and Innovation, National Advanced Unit in the Scientific and Technological Research in Education, one of the Demonstration Units of the National Education Network Systems, and the National Information Technology Application Innovation Demonstration School……

 Lei Lixia, the president of the school, is a member of the “Speech Tour Delegation on Renovating Education Outlook” of the Ministry of Education and vice director of the Special Committee of Junior High School Education of the Chinese Society of Education. The president won honors such as one of the National Top Ten Best Presidents of Private Schools and a National Advanced Work in Private Education.



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