December 27 2013

The Principal Successfully Sent the Students of International Classes to Study in the US




On August 31st, 19 senior two students of international classes had been admitted to Saint Paul High School in America. They were sent by Principal Lei to the US. After one semester, they would apply for top 100 universities in the US. Those students were the first batch of high school graduates from the International Department of our school.


After nearly 20 hours’ flight, they arrived at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and were warmly welcomed by local homestay families. Students were very excited to see American “parents” from new families, and they eagerly took photos with principal Lei and their new "parents".


In the morning of September 4th , Saint-Paul High School held a grand opening ceremony with the participation of about 300 students from more than 30 countries. The Principal of Saint-Paul High School had especially mentioned the outstanding performance of the international center of Guangzhou School which had strong development momentum, and invited Principal Lei to give remarks. Principal Lei had spoken highly of the international platform provided by Saint Paul School and expressed her gratitude for making so much great efforts for those students. She hoped they can jointly promote the healthy growth of students and encourage students to cherish such study opportunities. Students should study well under the guidance of teachers in order to apply for famous international universities. They should have outstanding performance to give back to parents, schools, and the country. The passionate and affectionate speech of Principal Lei had inspired the whole audience, they gave thunderous applause. In the afternoon, Principal Lei had lunch with students, listening to their thoughts and feelings, hearing their joy and happiness. She communicated deeply with students about their life and study and encouraged them to study hard, maintain their outstanding performance and achieve great success. After the ceremony, according to the teaching director, students would have a comprehensive test to be allocated to different classes. Timetables would be especially designed for each student. In the afternoon, Principal Lei visited the dining hall, fitness center and exercise yard of she school. The signing ceremony of Saint Paul Campus of Peking University High School Guangzhou Experimental School was also held in the afternoon.

In the evening, Principal Lei had paid a visit to homestay families of students, knowing the condition of students' "new homes", and taking photos with students and homestay family members.


On the second day, accompanied by President Frank of Nacel, Principal Lei visited University of St. Thomas-Minnesota, especially its study rooms, public libraries and the student center. In the afternoon, she had lunch with vice president Tim.

On September 6th, President Lei along with two other colleagues had taken flight back to Guangzhou. During the trip, she kept receiving messages from students, they said, "Thank you Principal Lei, we wish you a safe trip home. We will spare no efforts to study hard here !"

This trip to Saint Paul High School reflected the concrete actions taken by school to go international, as well as a part of the Diverse High School Strategy. The school would kept introducing high quality educational resources, combining the educational advantages of both the east and the west to fulfill the mission of the school and practicing the notion of principals. Our goal was to foster talents with Chinese souls and international insights, to build our school into a top-notch modernized, internationalized school with human culture.



Author:Weiming Reference:Weiming