December 27 2013

President of Mrs. Aw Boon Haw Secondary School in Hong Kong Accompanies Students and Their Parents from Model Laboratory School in America to Visit Our School


In the morning of March 10, accompanied by President Zhu of Mrs. Aw Boon Haw Secondary School in Hong Kong, students and their parents from Model Laboratory School in America visited our school friendly. Mr. Xu Nan from the International Exchange Center of our school, together with student delegates (Huang Juanzi, Huang Jingyi, Chen Huilin, Huang Qiqing, Zhang Jiahui, Wang Yuanjing and Zhang Zetian), warmly welcomed the guests and accompanied them to visit the campus.


During the visit, President Zhu and American guests deeply appreciated the beautiful campus scenery, open space environment and rich cultural atmosphere in our school, exchanged and discussed on students’ daily school life, a variety of community activities, leadership qualities courses and other aspects with student delegates from Primary Department and admired teaching characteristics of our school. At last, the two sides exchanged carefully-prepared small gifts with cultural characteristics. President Zhu said that he learnt a lot from the enlightening visit and hoped that they could cooperate and exchange with our school on other aspects.


They are Visiting the Campus.



They are Exchanging Gifts.

They are Taking a Group Photo.




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