January 08 2014

International department held the "Halloween party night"

At 7o'clock on October 31st, the international department held the Halloween party. This party was plan by director sunny sun and director SHI. The emcees for the whole party was Angelina and Eason.

At the party, we invited our principle Lei, vice-principle Han, director wang, director Kim form middle school, director Guo from enrollment office and our high school principle wang. Gladly, we got the advices and support from our academic director Trevor and our foreign teachers; Mr.Nigel, Mr.Jacob, Mr.Janos, Mrs.Jessica and Mr. Darren. Also, we have a lots of students which from the middle school. Of course, all the students form the international department. All the happiness were coming together at this time at the 6th floor on top of the building.

Halloween are also called by ghost festival. It's one of the traditional festival in the western country. Many years ago, the people lived in Ireland and Scotland believe the ghost will get back to the place they used to live and find a new soul from the people on November the first, so they can back to alive. People are scared that the ghost will took there life, so before the day is coming, people will turn off all the lights, let the ghost can't find them and custom themselves to be like a ghost to scared off the real one.

By the time flies, halloween become more and more comedy. Now a days, people change the ghost into those cute and lovely customs, like witches, spider man, pumpkins and so on. It makes the kids become more and more creatively, every children will dress up in that day and go through every single houses to collect candies, so Halloween become more funny.

This year, the international department gives people a deep impression because we choose the right place, the right games also we have many great shows.

The Halloween party was started by the dance from the middle school. Later come with the fancy customs and different groups. From grade 9, grade 10A, grade 10B, grade 11A, grade 11B.

At last, principle Lei announced that the Halloween party is start! That pushed party to the climax. (By Angelina)




Author:Weiming Reference:Weiming