August 26 2013

[Group News] WEG 2013 Management Training Held in Beijing:

To Bosom Overall Situation,

Grasp General Trend,

Look Forward to the Future and Strive for Double Teachers' Income


Against still bright sunshine in the early autumn of Beijing, Weiming Education Group (WEG)held the 2013 management training meeting forfour days from August 16 to 19in Xingling Villa, Xishan Mountain,Beijing, participated by WEGGroup or school leaders, and executives from functional departments of each school.

As a continuation of the 2013 board meeting in Xining, this training plays a positive role in implementing the spirit and decisions of Xining board meeting on pushing forward the management standardization and carrying out the teachers’ income doubling plan.

The four-day communicating and discussion was actually to convene the research of each school’s operation designin Beijing, with school leaders working together and jointly discussing the school development plan and income doubling strategy. Upon the approachingof the new school year, this pragmaticmeeting will surely pull the whole group together, and provide strong backbone for WEG to overcome difficulties andto achieve the “income doubling" target andrapid but healthy progress.

In President Lin Hao’s speech, he importantly explainedthe development strategy of WEG, which shows us a clear, systematic and accurate understanding of the operation of schoolsand encourages usto calmly face various challenges andchangesinmanagementwork. As he put it,"we have put forth further interpretation on our future goal at the Xining meeting. What we want to do is to build up aChinese school of international level or an international school in China, a school in Chinese way,to get Chinese children more involved in the world and toequip them with international level skills under the education of China. This is our goal. I think, in the fighting process, we need make efforts from four aspects, that is, large-scale investment,management modernization, business internationalization, and organizational socialization. What Weiming shalldofor our vision on the overall strategy level is to finish these four tasks gradually."Thesimple but profound words given by President Lin, as well as his forward-looking theory, gained high recognition among all the participants.

In the thematic training part, Vice Principal ZhongHejun from Guangzhou school introduced the issue background, outline and user guidance of “Management Handbook of WEG". President assistant Zheng Yu in charge of international business of Weiminginterpreted the "Operation Guide of Weiming International High Schools". The headmaster of Weiming Education Institute Chen Xi, reported the research achievements and suggestions on the promotion of classified management of teachers in Weiming schools. All participantsfelt greatly benefited from these reports.

During the meeting, school principals have made great efforts to school development by strategic operation and meticulous planning, and we are pleased to see the achievements of each school in the one and a half daysof parallel review, which are presented with clear business goals, detailed implementation strategy of specific business, and specific work ways. Two prominent features could be clear seen at the meeting. First is that the strategy maker for school running has changed to a team led by the principal from principal alone in the past. Second is that the executive team led by the president Lin Hao, participated in the discussion of each school and consulted together with them on school development planning and income doubling strategy.

The most informative part of the meeting is the principal forum. It wasthemed on the strategy and measures to realize the objectives of WEG based on income doubling and three-year operation plan, and welcomed keynote speeches given by school principals and other leaders on behalf of their own school. They are Mei Liansheng, principal of Shenzhen school, Lei Lixia, principal of Guangzhou school, Chen Yuming, principal of Chongqing school, XuYanghua, principal of Guiyang school, PengYinxiang, executive president of Chengdu school, Qin Xinchun, executive president of Wuhan Optics Valley school, Liu Zhongwen, vice principal of Wuhan school, and Li Hengli, vice principal of Chengdu Xinjin school. Their speeches were fully prepared and clear, confidence in the development of their respective schools.

The new semester is to start.Schools principals show great ambition and confidence when returning to work with their own target and plan. They will convey the spirit of this meeting to mobilize their staff to work together with high sense of responsibility and mission for the aim of realizing the doubling income target in three to five years. They will eventually makeWeiming Schoolan internationalizedand world-competitive one in China. Let's hold faith in Weiming and wish every Weiming-era better future.

Idle boast and the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit. The target of income doubling will be achieved inevitably, and the aim of international competitiveness for Weiming will also become true. Success comes with great ambition!


Lin Haodelivering speech at the Management Training Conference

All participants listening to reports

Group photo of all participants


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