July 31 2013

[Group News] WEGHeld 2013 Board Meeting in Xining: To Improve Standardization of Management,Open up New Frontiers for WEG


From July 19 to July 25, Weiming Education Group (WEG) held its 2013 enlarged board meeting of entity schools& management seminar in Xining city, capital of Qinghai, a beautiful summer resort and an amazing sacred place at Tibetan Plateau in China. 48 people participated in the meeting, including group top leaders, school principals, executive principals/vice-chancellors, vice-principals, discipline directors and directors of research departments. At the meetingthey discussed and researched WEG’s development strategy of the next period, as well as its current tasks and objectives.Mr. Lin Hao, president of WEG, gave a keynote report titled “Improving WEG’s Management Standards and Doubling Teachers’ Income”.

First of all, President Lin reviewed WEG’s work and achievements of 2013 in two aspects. WEG has greatly enlarged school scale and student enrollment. Each school of WEG has made considerable progress in school running, which keeps the edge of WEG in the private elementary education of China.

As to the future development of WEG, President Lin proceeded from the needs of society and the universal law of educational development, and urged the staff to focus on the realization of social values, the law of development in the education industry and opportunities for private education while planning strategies. As he put it, the essential purpose of education is to “help children grow up”, and “education is all about preparing them with necessary skills and thoughts to live in the world in the following 20 or even 30 years.” In addition, President Lin described the responsibilities and development road of WEG, which is “to return to the tradition of education, improve the efficiency of education industry, and to help the Chinese children go global”. These responsibilities are consistent with the development strategy of WEG, which he implemented as two core tasks in the next three years: “management standardization and business internationalization”.

At last, President Lin Hao concluded that the strategy and management of WEG will be based on a basis philosophy of “teacher-oriented”. He said: “It’s really difficult for WEG to promote the social status of private teachers in the social reality of China, but what we are trying to do is to promote their income”. He set down a deadline of 3 to 5 years, meaning that “the income of WEG’s staff will be doubled by 5 years atlatest.” He said, "the principal or chancellors’ teamshould make public commitment to promoting the income of the teachers at the beginning of the term each year, which will be taken into the core evaluation index of school leaders”. "The most realistic contribution of WEG to the reform ofChineseeducation is to promote the teachers’ income in a fair and square way”.

Mr. Lin puts forward the goal of development and management of WEG in the next 3-5 years from a unique perspective and forward-looking view, which adequately considered the time feature of Chinese education going global and the special historical development stage of WEG. As his requirements on the work of the group and each entity school, WEG will become quality education of China and the schools of Weiming will be of international level in China, so the staff of WEG should be confident about their career and be happy with their work and life here.

At the meeting, appointment of new senior executives of the Group and candidates and scheme of leader change of each entity school were also announced, which have also been important in the development of WEG in the past 13years. Functional departments of the group also reported explicit ways of WEG to realize standardized management. Wang Liwei, principal from the department of operation management, gave his report under the title of "Strengthening Management Standardization and Boosting Income Doubling Plan". Chen Xi, principal from the Weiming Research Institute reported on "Strengthening Curriculum Management and Creating Featured Curriculum System of Weiming". CEO Assistant Zheng Yu reported on "The Development Strategy and Implementation Plan of the Globalization of WEG", and "The Construction of Information Management Platform of WEG” respectively. Wang Wei, director of Logistics Management of the group made report on “To Lead the Globalization of WEG with Specialization and Standardization of Campus Construction".

The meeting has ended successfully. The work focus in the next phase is to implement the deployments. It’s required all the participants continue further study of Mr Lin’s speech and convey the requirements of the conference quickly. In the new school year, they should guide all teachers carry out the work plan efficiently with high sense of responsibility and mission, and determined to win. They should formulate implementation plans about the content and spirit of the board meeting quickly, and strive to achieve the grand goal of the development of WEG through the management innovation and management efficiency improvement.

Innovation leads to the road of success, and unity safeguards the dream of Weiming. Let’s work together for a better future of Weiming!

Photo of LinHao speaking at the board meeting


Group photo of the board meeting participants

Photo of participants listening to the speech of Mr Lin



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