June 27 2013

[GROUP News] Reform Selection System,Build Platform for Better Talent Development: Candidates Interview for Group Colonel Reserve Cadres Held in Beijing


To deepen the reform in cadre and personnel system of Weiming Education Group, build a more democratic selection system, promote interactions between the Group, schools and teachers, place outstanding cadres to key leader positions, and motivate their passion and potential, as well asensure the corporate’s stable development, Weiming Group held an interview to select candidates forGroup’s colonel reserve cadres on June 24th and 25th2013 in Beijing. Among all the candidates, 11 are internals from 7 schools belonged to the group and 4 are externals. The former candidates are elected through application or recommendation and mass vote, while the latter are recommended autonomously by Group’s school headmasters.The interview is divided into three sessions including self-introduction, random task,and Q&A, which guaranteed fair and square.

Lin Hao, President of Weiming Education Group ismaking an address

During the meeting, Mr. Lin Hao, President of Weiming Education Group, made an important speech on the future plan of the corporate personnel arrangement and cadre team building based on the school’s rapid development. In the coming period of time, an effective management team of chancellors should be constructed for the future whole cadre team building. The structure of the chancellor team should be based on the following disciplines. First, the division of school district should be city-based. Second, directors of our two corporate units including teaching and research department as well as operating and management department should come from the chancellor team, which in the other way around are also important parts of the chancellor team. Third, those outstanding unit leaders of each department will be given opportunities to manage cross-department, or even be appointed vice chancellor who might become candidates for executive chancellor or chancellor.

On team construction and management, there are three principles to be adhered to. First, it should be remembered that we are non-governmental funded education group and make it the belief of all our employees. Second, we should cooperate and share with each other. Third, we should face up to the test of the public. The core idea of Weiming Education is to make students the center, and be responsible for their future development. As for how to build a new cadre team in current situation, Mr. Lin emphasized that the group needed to unify its thoughts and acts.When it’sapplied to the selection system reform for this time, he pointed out the next two aspects. First of all, “Endogeny” should be made our core guidance, which is to sayour future chancellors should come from our own team who has been fighting with us all the time and who takes his job as his own thing. Second, the meaning of “fusion” needs be understood, which meansit is advocated that cadres should take office at different regions as the corporate is aiming at cultivating a team of leaders who can manage not only their professional capacity but also emotion and thoughts. This is also crucial to improve the adaptability and management level. In the past days, we have taken the lead in scale in the industry. In the next phase, we should make Weiming Education Group a real leader and innovator through cadre team construction. President Lin’s presentation points out the goal and direction of the group development and construction, which will be sure to drive all theWeiming-ersto feel a strong sense of belonging and mission.

Groupleaders presented at the interview

Meanwhile, the upcoming “Interim Measures on the Selection and Appointment of WeimingEducation Group School Leaders” has been discussed and improved during the meeting. This meeting has significant influence inbroadening the channels of talent selection as well as in settinga sound system foundation for building a strong leader’s team of schools. It’s a new bold attempt and practice of the corporatein school cadreselection system reform.


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