May 17 2013

[Group] WEG Established Second Middle School in Wuhan Optic Valley

On the morning of May 16, Wuhan Optical Valley Experimental School (WOVE) was established by Beijing Weiming Education Group (WEG) in this pleasant summer day. The contract signing is a historical occasion, witnessed by Qian Deming, generaldirector of education, culture and health of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone,Zhangjun, vice president of WEG, and Zhou Enzhi, principal of Wuhan Weiming Experimental School, a branchHigh School affiliated to Peking University, and Wuhan Weiming Senior High School.

The Wuhan Optical Valley Experimental School is born out of the need of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone’s need of high quality education. As another international high school in Wuhanwith high quality founded by WEG, WOVE is supported by Wuhan Weiming Experimental School (WWES), which is alsoa branch High School affiliated to Peking University, and Wuhan Zhongxin School. By providing a world-level education, WOVE is dedicated to nurturing modern talents that could have a foothold in China and be equipped with both global view and international competitiveness.

The establishment of WOVE steps from the broadandlong-termview of the management committee and the education, culture and health bureau leaders of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone is a national hi-tech development zone, dominated by optoelectronic information industry and covering energy and environmental protection, biotechnology and new medicine, mechatronics, high-techagriculture, and other industries. As the optoelectronic industry base of China, the Optics Valley of China’s economy in the future will grow fast and surelyattract many international talents. Hence, a world-level education is especially required to meet the need of quality education for the top talents within the zone.

The establishment of WOVE comes from WEG’s pursuit of “providing the best private education in China”. The cooperation of WEG and Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone reflects WEG’s strategy of international schooling and the development zoneleaders’ approval of WEG’s advanced strategy, successful model, and fruitful achievements in school management.

The establishment of WOVE derives from WEG’s influence of school management in Wuhan. Since the Wuhan Weiming Experimental School was founded, it has made remarkable achievements through the joint efforts of whole school, under the wise leadership of WEG, the local government, and the profound cultural edification of Peking University. The school’s fruitful achievements in faculty building, education and research development, curriculaconstruction, investigative study, students training, international education and so on not only highlight its strength of school running, but also make it unique and outstanding in the educational circles of Wuhan. The Wuhan Weiming Experimental School is striding forward on the way to running the first-class school in Hubei province. Zhou Enzhi, the school principal, is an educational expert with her love and persistence in education. In January 2013, Ms Zhou got the news that the education bureau of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone now supports education breakthrough and transformation of Wuhan Zhongxin School. In the following six months, she went to the education bureau more than fifty times for negotiation and application, travelled for more than ten thousand miles. Owing to her advanced theory and persistence in school running and profound sentiment of education, she finally got the approval of the development zone leaders to transform Wuhan Zhongxin School.

The Wuhan Optical Valley Experimental School now covers an area of 53,333 m2, and a building area of 30,000 m2. The school accommodates 50 teaching classes within its design scale and 2000 students from kindergarten, primary school to middle school, and will expand enrollment in September, 2013. The school is equipped with advanced facilities, including featured gyms, libraries, athletic fields with 400-meter standard plastic track, a mini-soccer pitch, 6 basketball courts, swimming pools, and classrooms of music, piano, painting, pottery, science, dancing, computer, English corner and so on. The school also provides specified facilities including playgrounds for lower grades.

The establishment of WOVE sparkles Weiming Education Group, and promotes the future of education in Wuhan with WWES. With the wise leadership of WEG and the support of WWES, WOVE will develop quickly, provide best education that meet the need of people and society of Wuhan, and make our own contribution to China dream, Weiming dreamand the whole educational dream.


 Photo of Zhou Enzhi, Qian Deming and Zhang Jun. (From Left to right)



The First Parents Meeting on March 16



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