December 27 2013

[Group News] The Signing Ceremony of Qingdao Weiming Experimental School Held in Qingdao


At the West CoastNew EconomicZone of Qingdao, a coastal city in North China, Beijing Weiming Education Group founded its ninth school, Qingdao Experimental School. On the morning of March, 29, 2013, the signing ceremony of Qingdao Experimental School was jointly held atJinfenghuang Garden Hotel, located in Jinshatan zone of Huangdao district, by the Administration Committee of Qingdao EconomicandTechnologicalDevelopmentZone(ACQETD) and WEG.

Participants include Zhang Dayong, member of Qingdao Municipal Standing Committee,secretary of the working committee and administration committee of Xihaian new economic zone, secretary of Party committee of Huangdao district, and secretary of the working committee of Qingdao development zone, Sun Hengqin, vice secretary of the working committee of Xihaian new economic zone and director of the administration committee of Qingdao development zone, Wang Jianping, vice secretary of the administration committee of Xihaian new economic zone, Sui Zhiqiang, vice director of education bureau of Qingdao city, Wang Yan, vice director of the administration committee of Qingdao development zone, Zhang Xijun, vice director of education and sports bureau of Qingdao development zone, Wu Xiaohui, chairman of Qingdao Xihaian Occupational Education Group, and other leaders. The historic moment was also witnessed by Lin Hao, president of WEG, XuBingdong, Party secretary of WEG, and the seven principals from other seven schools of WEG.


 Lin Hao and Sun Hengqin were signing the school-running cooperation agreement.

Zhang Jun and Wu Xiaohui signed the agreement for specific cooperation.

The establishment of Qingdao Weiming Experimental School was an important part of the strategic development of WEG. The successful cooperation of both sides represents the administrator’s approval of the advanced school-running philosophy and its magnificent job in education, which is also a benefit for the fundamental education of Qingdao. The goal of WEG is to found more schools with international quality and competitiveness with our resources in education accumulated for many years,to improve the all-round development of students and help them go global. We hope that in the future development of education, WEG will found more schools with WEG characteristics, with the direction of “offering quality school and encouraging international development”, which shall be a splendid chapter of the development of education in Qingdao and the private education of China.


Group photo of the leaders and principals of WEG presenting the signing ceremony.

Group photo of the leaders of WEG with Sui Zhiqiang and Zhang Xijun.

As a trial plot of the opening up and reform policy with good regional advantage, Huangdao Economic andTechnologicalDevelopmentZone has developed steadily in economy and politics, made remarkable progress in cultural industry, and proved the quality of education greatly. The people live and work in peace and contentment, and the society developed soundly. In this condition, the leaders of Huangdao Economic andTechnologicalDevelopmentZone take a long-term and far-ward looking view and showrespectto teachers andattachgreatimportancetoeducation. They start from the overall situation of Qingdao and set high standards for education. They work to build the best educationin Qingdao and hope to add the strength of education in Qingdao through the education resource of Beijing Weiming Education Group.

WEG will make the best use of its advantage and successful practice in fundamental education, to construct a quality education resource service system and provide Qingdao people the best education resource and an education that satisfy all, which will promote the development of local economy, culture and social business, and make our own contribution to the realization of China sprit and China dream.

Qingdao Weiming Experimental School grows up in the spring of Shandong province. The school will be a gift to kids and the future in Qingdao. It’s believed that, under the guide and support of the administrators of Qingdao economic and technological zone, WEG will bring Qingdao Weiming Experimental School into a distinctive, modern, and international school and win the approval from the society and parents of students. The school will set a good example for the fundamental education of the development zone and its successful will be witnessed by all.

The Qingdao Weiming Experimental School plans to begin on September 1, 2013.


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