April 02 2013

[Group News] Exchanges on WEG Feature-Course Building Successfully Completed:

 To Strengthen Course Building, Carry on WEG Educational Philosophy, Enhance Education Quality


To carry on the spirit of Weiming Educational Group Managerial Guildlines, implement 2012 School Board Meeting Resolutions, Weiming teaching philosophy and promote the building of feature courses, Weiming Institute for Education and Research (WER), approved by WEG presidential office, held exchanges on WEG feature-course building in Beijing from March 21 to March 23, 2013. Twenty-eight members attended the meeting, including school directors and backbone teachers in charge of feature course construction, all WER members, as well as Group leaders responsible for Group operation and human resources. The exchange meeting was divided into four parts, like exchanging experience and achievements on school feature course building, discussing WEGFeature Course Construction Guidelines (Draft), visiting renowned schools and universities in Beijing, and sharing plans on how to build school feature courses.

On March 21, President Lin Hao attended the meeting and gave a speech. Lin pointed out that, “The teaching course is a product of educational thoughts and technologies, a crucial means to ensure the quality of education, and also an important carrier and instrument to achieve educational innovation. We shall make our children fully prepared for a better life style in the next two decades and ensure them a happier life through the gradual edification of feature courses.” Then he asks everyone to make every effort on the planning, designing and implementation of feature courses, that is to maintain complete systematic thinking of Weiming educational thoughts and philosophies, team building, operation mechanisms and resource integration during the course-planning period, to find a balance point between course function and costs in the design phase and figure out what you could do, and to take care of the construction of course operating system while developing the course and work well on course management, execution, evaluation, feedback and revision to keep the vitality and originality of the curriculum. Finally Lin stressed that the curriculum is the mainstay of Weiming Education. The success of Weiming, in a sense, is the success of Weiming curriculum system.

President Lin’s speech was very inspiring. His precisely deep understanding of the course, illustration of WEG social responsibility, pragmatic guidance on curriculum construction and high-end positioning of curriculum value all greatly encouraged every participant.

Later, 10 school backbone teachers exchanged their experience on "WEG curriculum system construction", and shared their achievements on feature courseconstruction. Mr. Zhang Kelifrom WEG Institute for Education and Research made ??a feature report titled "Thoughts on the Weiming Feature Course Construction". He developed the speech from a strategic view and provided professional analysis and normative guidance to curriculum development background, relevant policies and regulations,Weimingeducational objectives and construction principles, etc..

Mr. XuBingdong, Secretary of Group Party Committee, took full participation in the exchanges of experiences and achievements, and drew an evaluation and a summary of it. Secretary Xusaid the teacher's keynote speeches reflectedsignificant progress made in Weimingcourse construction from three different dimensions, and showed great confidence for course construction. Xuasked everyone to refine curriculum Soul ---educational philosophies, to make clear of the curriculumcore---curriculum objectives, to designcurriculum carrier---courses---hierarchically, and todare to face problems and resolve conflicts in the curriculum construction process. Xualso hoped that everyone could "bear diversity and open developmentaround the core, achieve mastery and overall optimization, and realize normalizationalong with distinct features" in the whole construction process.

On March 22, all the participants visitedXishan School affiliated to Renmin University of China (RDFZXishan School) and Beijing 101 Middle School. RDFZ Vice President Xiao Yuanqi,Xishan School principal ShuDajun, and Cheng Xiang, vice principal of Beijing 101 Middle School joined the in-depth exchanges on school curriculum construction and other issues.

On March 23,Chen Ming from WeimingInstitute for Education and research addressed a guidance lecture on how to build English feature courses. The lecture developed from such 8 aspects as course positioning, course objectives, course construction planning and the organic integration between feature courses and local English courses. Subsequently,six English teachers exchanged their experience around the theme of "how to build WeimingEnglish feature courses".

In the afternoon, school directors responsible for feature course construction exchanged their opinions on WEG Feature Course Construction Guidelines (Draft), and reported problems occurred in school-based curriculum construction as well as their plans and moves on school curriculum building.

At the End of the meeting, Chen Ming, vice president of WEG Institute for Education and Research conducted a concluding statement. Chen led us reviewWeiming culture, recalled us to the keynotes given byPresident Lin and Party Secretary Xu, and reiterated the importance, urgency and normalization of course construction. She thenencourages everyoneactively involved in course construction and delivered a detailed deployment on how to promote the construction of WEG feature courses in the next phase of work.

The exchangesonWEG feature course construction achieved a complete success under the high attention, strong support and help from Group President Office, all school principals and various WEG departments, and the active participation of participating leaders and teachers.Weiming will well seize the opportunity to make steady move to practice its educational philosophy and enhance the quality of education.

Group Photo of President Lin, Secretary Xu and all Participants in Group Conference Room





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