December 25 2013

Weiming Education System

The Weiming Education Group takes a down-to-earth attitude to and makes steady progress in building "the Weiming Education" system, which is a complete system that organically integrates school operation philosophy, teaching quality control, feature courses, teaching staff, school culture, environment development, campus services, combine to form seven areas the complete system.

1. School Operation Philosophy

 Let the parent feel satisfied with their children’s performance, let the children grow happily and let the teacher achieve steady development.

Chinese learning is essential and the Western learning is used for reference

2. Teaching Quality Control

The Group carries out "student-centered" classroom teaching reform to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching;

The Group provides a total teaching solution that “combines school, training center and private tutoring into one” to reduce the burden on parents and improve students’ achievement.

3. Feature Courses

Starting with the management of the time and content of courses, and the teams, the Group establishes a complete and rich "Weiming Education" curriculum system.

It establishes culture, art, aesthetic education, sports, health, character development and other school-based courses to increase students' knowledge, and promote their growth.


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