December 25 2013

World-oriented and diversified overseas student programs

The Group has established a long-term international education partnership with more than 20 schools and education institutions from a dozen of countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, Singapore, and South Korea. Internationalized education has become the strategic direction of the Weiming Education’s operation management.

It has organized several international projects, including: Guangzhou US St. Paul's School High School "2 +1" Program, Shenzhen St. Mary’s School High School "2 +1" Program, and Chengdu Sino-US Senior High School AP International Course Program.

It has opened the Elementary School PYP International Class, “Bilingual Teaching, Bilingual Teachers and Bilingual Textbook" International Class, ESL English Experimental Class, and Junior High MYP International Class, and so on, to build comprehensive international teaching characteristics.

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