December 25 2013

Company Profile

The Weiming Education Group was founded in 1999. It is a specialized organization engaging in the research, investment and management in the area of basic education. The Group’s origin traces back to the Affiliated High School of Peking University. Leveraging the high-quality education resources of Peking University and famous education institutions at home and abroad, the Group inherits the Peking University’s school operation philosophy of “all-inclusive”. It sets as its purpose to lead in the private basic education in China and keeps exploring and innovating in the new ideas and patterns of internationalized school management. Its business now covers pre-school children education, elementary and secondary school education, internationalized export, and elementary and secondary school extra-curricular training. The Group now has seven elementary and secondary schools and sixteen kindergartens. There are about 30,000 students and teachers in the schools of the Group.

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