December 25 2013

Weiming Culture

Weiming Education is focused on academic excellence and the social and cultural well being of our Chinese students and their American classroom peers.  Our approach preserves Chinese traditional educational values for our students while pursuing innovative and creative collaborative learning methodology for the 21st Century.  Our Chinese students also mentor their American classmates on Chinese language and culture in extra-curricular activities, creating friendships that will transform into long-term relationships. 

1. Cooperation

Weiming's inclusive approach to education urges us to partner with both public and private institutions in order to improve our services and advance our educational methods. 

2. Devotion

Weiming spares no effort in providing quality educational services to its students in order to be a leader in private education throughout China. 

3. Contribution

In order to be a leader, Weiming works to contribute to the improvement of basic education in China through collaboration with top international educators.

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