February 09 2016

Weiming Vision


Weiming Education Group seeks to be the leading provider of international education focused on equipping students with global perspectives and competency and 21st century giving them a competitive edge in the emerging global marketplace. The Weiming Education Group enables students to stand out among their peers and be involved in unique cultural and international industry projects that will impress universities.
At Weiming, our students and educators strive to uphold the Weiming Values:
World Citizenship: We strive to be knowledgeable about the world around us and embrace other cultures while being proud of our unique Chinese background and traditions.
Excellence: We will remain focused on our goals and persevere. We are committed to the highest level of academic, social, and personal achievement.
Industrious: We are hardworking and committed to ourselves and our fellow students. We are problem solvers who seek creative solutions to challenges.
Motivated: We approach each new experience with enthusiasm and view it as a learning opportunity. 
Independent: We strive to show self-discipline and maturity at all times, recognizing we are responsible for our actions and their consequences.
Noble: We pride ourselves on having integrity and high moral principles serving as examples for other students and the larger school community.
Grit: We accept feedback and continually strive to improve ourselves with a focus on 
successful admission to and graduation from college.
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