December 24 2013

The speech of President Lin in Eastern Michigan University

I want to welcome my old friends as well as my new friends. This is a very important meeting. We even had a preparatory meeting last week with the attendance of vice premier Wang Qishan and secretary of the State, Ms. Hillary Clinton.


From the preparatory meeting, we have two sayings. One is that the Sino-US relationship is not expected to develop into a G2 relationship, but a C2 relationship. Specifically speaking, China and the US do not rule the world, but have a deep and extensive cooperative relationship. The memorandum especially raised the issue of educational cooperation; it suggests extending the student visa to five years for students from both China and the US. Weiming and Eastern Michigan University are all familiar with international educational communication. But I think our cooperation has different significance from our previous cooperation. The first difference, as I just mentioned before, is the difference in environment. Recent development for dozens of years has lead to changes. Whether are the changes in the US or China, the Sino-US educational communication has become very important and urgent. In this process, I think children from the US and China should understand each other, have mutual recognition to better cooperate for a better future.


All far-sighted educational institutions should see those changes. So we should have different cooperative pattern. We should look for a long-term stable cooperative relationship. Weiming is a private education group, we not only focus on the cooperation in academic field, but also seeking for long and stable economic benefits. We hope to support a new model which integrates the education advantages in China and the US based on such cooperative platform. By our sustainable efforts, I hope children fostered through our education can faster and better understand the society and culture of both China and the US. So we need to build a stable and long-term cooperative relationship based on this model. Frankly speaking, I think both China and the US have advantages in education, but it takes long-time practice to integrate those advantages, not just some academic thinking. Weiming has made sufficient preparation and thinking to realize this purpose. Next year, we may build some of our schools in the US, or have resources cooperative relationships with outstanding educational institutions like Eastern Michigan University. Meanwhile, we are constantly improving our school’s environment, changing our courses, our teachers, and getting more teachers from the US to involve in our teaching.

We hope in the future, 1/3 of our Group’s business will be in the US, and 2/3 in China. So that it can comprehensively integrate the advantages in education in China and the US in terms of environment, curriculum and teachers. Last year, when I visited the US, I shared our hope that we hope the number of Weiming’s students in the US can reach 10000, and 1/3 of the teachers are from the US. You thought I was crazy, but this is my real thought. Frankly speaking, there is an exceptionally important concept, in the process, our goal is to integrate the US and China education. We should integrate the advantages of both sides, not like some schools they turn their educational model into the US’s one. I think Chinese and American education have their own advantages. Besides, from my practice in education field, from the growth curve of people, a Chinese child cannot grow into an American child, and an American child cannot grow into a Chinese child.


But they can learn from each other, understand each other. I think from the perspective of development, more Chinese children are going to the US. I hope ten years later, maybe many American children are going to China. So the cooperative platform we built should sustain the need for long-term future development. Besides the difference in environment and model, I think we have a third difference in our cooperation, which is the difference in our people. Undoubtedly, Eastern Michigan University and Weiming are all outstanding educational institutions in our countries. Undoubtedly, Eastern Michigan University and Weiming are all outstanding educational institutions in our countries, but more importantly, we feel each other's sincerity during our cooperation. In Chinese tradition, we emphasize fate and destiny, so multual understanding is more important for us.Therefore, I sincerely welcome everyone to attend this meeting in Beijing, I also hope we can establish a long and stable cooperative relationship from now on. In the next couple of days of the visit, my colleagues and students from all around China will share the same feeling as I do , we are expecting your arrival, thank you all.

Author:Weiming Reference:Weiming