December 11 2013

Kevin Lin speech

The Weiming Education Group has undergone a development journey of twelve years. It started from one school and developed into a group of seven schools. It started from borrowing the reputation of a well-known school and developed and established its own brand. It started from carrying forward the tradition and drawing from the experience of others and developed into exploration and innovation. The Weiming Education feels proud of its past and is more confident in the future.


Looking back at its development course, we feel gratified about several things: First, it has made its own values clear. Second, it has established its development vision. Third, it has found its effective development strategy through exploration. And fourth, it has formed its Weiming culture of unique features.


There is still a very long way to go in the future. We feel happy that we live in this age, that we devote ourselves to the career of education, and that we have a group of colleagues who have the courage to innovate and share the same ambition and ethics.


The future of the Weiming Group is also the future of China’s private education!

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