January 16 2016

Introduction to the Weiming U.S. Education Group

Introduction to the Weiming US Education Group
After nearly 15 years of building a reputation as China’s leading provider of private education, Weiming Education Group launched its U..S international program in 2012. With offices in Michigan and Connecticut, Weiming U.S. is focused on providing quality education with a focus on equipping students with a competitive global edge for emerging business industries.
Specifically, Weiming U.S. Education Group seeks to:
  • Promote cultural exchange of East and West pedagogy and instructional practice
  • Promote the development of global perspectives for both educators and students
  • Establish an unprecedented pipeline of future global leaders equipped with 21st century skills to be successful in emerging industries
  • Build an enduring Sino-American education platform
The Weiming U.S. Team is made up of experienced educators who understand the language and cultural nuances of Chinese and American students and the unique challenges each face when studying abroad. We have designed an academic support program that will give each Weiming student the best opportunity to succeed academically.
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