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January 08 2014
The International High School in Guangzhou celebrated Halloween
November 08 2013
Ten Chinese high school students are taking classes here this school year, five each in Rockford and Kentwood Public Schools. They are part of what educators hope is a long-term partnership with the Weiming Education Group, an association of private schools in China.
August 31 2013
This fall, Rockford and East Kentwood high schools students will share a classroom with visiting Chinese students, exchanging knowledge about their culture, customs and traditions.
January 08 2014
“Chinese children know so much about us... they watch American television, they listen to American music, they learn and know English… and yet we know so little about them,”
December 27 2013
Except for courses of Chinese culture, all other courses were taught by distinguished teachers in Nacel with American Teachers certificate. Upon graduation, students could 100% be upgraded to good quality high school and apply for world famous universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton Universities, etc.
December 27 2013
When seeing students were divided into groups to practice English, Ms. Maggie was very excited, she told Director Yang Fan, who was beside her, that “This is how we do in Canada”.
December 27 2013
As a private educational Group, Weiming not only pay attention to cooperation in academic field, but also hoped to achieve long-term stable benefits to both sides during cooperation. Weiming hoped to establish a cooperative platform, and create a model system which could actually integrate the advantages of Chinese education and the US education.
December 27 2013
"It is necessary for us to increase the international cooperation as we are making great efforts to be a high-quality international school and cultivate modern talents with Chinese spirits and international vision. Eastern Michigan University, an influential comprehensive university with more than 150-year history, is among the best universities. "
December 12 2013
Chinese teacher, Jeff Hayes has taken several trips to China and helped get the program going at Rockford. "I think the main attraction is not only to improve their English, but to give them an advantage when it comes to applying for student visas to study at universities here."
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