The Weiming Education Group has undergone a development journey of nearly 20 years. It started from one school and developed into a group of over 40 schools. Beginning with an affiliation of a well-known school, Weiming established and developed its own brand, while carrying forward traditions and drawing from the experiences of others. Weiming has developed into exploration and innovation while being proud of its past and even more confident of the future. The future of the Weiming is also the future of not only China’s private education, but 21st century education worldwide!


TCAPS and Weiming Ed

“Building educational relationships across the globe will help Michigan students better prepare for the 21st Century economy,” said State Superintendent Mike Flanagan. “I applaud Traverse City Area Pu

President Kevin Lin Speech

Kevin Lin Speech

What is the purpose of education? What kind of education is the most valuable for kids? What kind of education do our kids really need? the Weiming Education, since the date it was founded, has been ...

WEG Event

International depart

The International High School in Guangzhou celebrated Halloween